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Неабразивные материалы

Heskins Aqua-Safe & non-abrasive anti slip tape range have a unique non slip coating to ensure an effective non slip flooring, yet has a smoother surface for walking bare foot on and no abrasion to prevent damage to skin, material or wet suits. Non-slip flooring in a wet or marine environment has always been a challenge, yet with Heskins Aqua-Safe you can easily obtain a good non-slip surface with our non-abrasive non-slip tape. This non-slip safety flooring is ideal for use in food safety areas, due to its lack of abrasive peaks and valleys and is a unique product. The product is ideal for use on any wet areas as a non-slip surface, suitable for use as non-slip bathroom flooring on tiles or as a non-slip surface round swimming pools, hot tubs and even on boats. Because it is not abrasive, it can also be easily cleaned, making it suitable for areas with strict hygiene regulations.

View our Aqua-Safe & non-abrasive non-slip tape variants below:

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